Social Innovation, BYUI, Week #2

This week we learned read that Social Innovation had growing pains in earning its buzzword title, after 20 years of a relatively small number of people doing the work that is now referred to as Social Innovation.

The pyramid template activity became a visual representation of where I fit in the pyramid of Social Innovation.  The skills and experience of social innovators lend themselves to fit best in essentially one of three categories. From initiating an idea (Entrepreneur)  and driving its success, to implementing change in a current organization (Intrapreneur/ Implementer), to being a supporter of a social cause (Supporter/Donor).

(I made a couple mistakes… but I made the font hard to read on purpose for posting purposes only, so it can’t be copied. )

Although I’m currently a donor (whoops, did I write “donator” on my assignment?), I have experience as an Administrator which falls in the “Implementer” category, and plan to support in other ways after graduation. While I don’t have the skills of a true Social Entrepreneur, I’m excited to learn more about this aspect this semester. Meanwhile, I can encourage those who do have that entrepreneurial drive and skillset to consider Social Innovation in their quest to start something great, impacting the world in the best way. (GAM, I’m talking to you!)

Find your cause. Do something. For someone. Make the world a better place.

If you need to find your passion and social cause, I recommend Operation Underground Railroad, (O.U.R.) @ourrescue, whose mission is to end human trafficking. Find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and don’t miss their inspirational videos on YouTube.

I’ll talk more about OUR in next week’s post.


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